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HysensBio pursues better life for humankind. As a leading bio-venture company of dental medicine, we develop medications for incurable, chronic dental diseases. Researching for over 20 years, we finally identified the world’s first dentin regenerative peptides. Our story begins with a desire to bring scientific findings to clinical practice.

Moreover, we focus on creating customer values from scientific results in dental and pharmaceutical industries. We strive with passion and devotion to overcome the incurable diseases for the wellness and happiness of mankind.

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Professional Background

- Professor, Seoul National University School of Dentistry(2007~)

- R&D Director, Seoul National University Dental Research Institute(2017~2018)

- Associate Dean of Research Affairs, SNU School of Dentistry(2013~2014)

- Research Associate Professor, SUNY at Buffalo(2002~2003)

- The 12th Academic Award (Gold Prize), Korean Academy of Dental Science(2016)

- New Technology Award, Ministry of Commerce Industry & Energy(Nov 2019)

- Grand prize in Creative Innovation of 50+ Awards, LINA Korea(2020)

- President, Korean Division of IADR(KADR) (Oct 2020~)

Academic Activities

- International Association for Dental Research(IADR)

- Pulp Biology Regeneration Group(PBRG)

- Gordon Conference : Tooth & Bone

- Tooth Morphogenesis and Differentiation(TMD)

- Tripartite Conference on Teeth and Bone

Published Paper: 100 (As of Dec 2022)

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