HysensBio R&D

dentologo Platform

Presenting a new paradigm for incurable dental diseases for the first time through reactivation of poorly functioning or aged tooth cells

·  Completion of dental specialized technology platform Dentopine by utilizing HysensBio peptide, the world’s first developed dentin regenerative peptide

·  Development of treatment for dentin hypersensitivity, dental caries and periodontal disease by developing prescription drugs that regenerate physiologic dentin

·  Completion of technology for incurable dental diseases by developing veterinary dental medicine and alveolar bone regenerative technology

HysensBio’s world’s first dental disease specialized therapeutics platform developed to treat incurable dental diseases based on advanced biotechnology

PACA Platform

Development of therapeutics through the activation of permanent adult cells that do not divide or differentiate

Rejuvenation of the original cell function through reactivation of dormant permanent adult cell

Research Area on Cell Activation
with the Development of PACA Platform Technology

Research Area on Cell Activationwith the Development of PACA Platform Technology