HysensBio Periodontal Ligament Regeneration

KH201: Periodontitis Treatment

Periodontal Diseases

·  Etiology: Inflammation of gingiva (gum), periodontal ligament and bone tissue

·  Symptom: Swelling and bleeding of the gum due to inflammation, development of periodontal pocket, tooth loss due to damage to the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone.


·  Surgical Methods: Scaling, Root Planing, Gingival Curettage, Periodontium Regeneration (Limitations in regenerating the already damaged periodontium.)

·  Nonsurgical Methods: Antibiotics, Anti-inflammatory drugs (No treatment that prevents destruction of gingiva and alveolar bone.)

Patients and Medical Cost
for Periodontal Diseases

·  Representative dental disease that more than 80% of the people suffer from, 970M periodontitis patients WW (as of 2017), expected to increase to more than 1.5B by 2050 (WHO, 2019)

· The ultimate aim of periodontal treatment is to regenerate periodontium damaged by periodontal diseases, more specifically to restore the function of periodontium via regeneration of the periodontal ligament between the cementum damaged by inflammation and the alveolar bone, and enhanced attachment of the periodontal ligaments to the surrounding components.

· Induction of periodontal ligament re-adhesion to the cementum and the alveolar bone, along with inhibition of its calcification are the core techniques to be solved for regenerating tooth-periodontium complex structure, which includes tooth, periodontal membrane, and alveolar bone.

MOA of KH201

·   Regeneration & functional alignment of periodontal ligament

·   Promotion of periodontal tissue reattachment

CPNE7 helps in PDL repair by supporting PDL alignment through TAU-mediated cytoskeleton reorganization and direct regulation of CAP-mediated PDL attachments of PDLCs.
KH201 관련 공동연구 논문이 ‘Journal of Clinical Periodontology(임상 치주과학 저널)’(IF: 8.728) 2022년 6월호 표지논문으로 게재

Published as the cover image of June 2022 issue of ‘Journal of Clinical Periodontology’(IF:8.728)

HB902: Veterinary Dental Medicine

Oral healthcare of companion animals – Developing as growth momentum
HB902 can be used for prevention and treatment purposes in early stages of periodontal disease in animals

Confirmed periodontal tissue regenerative function of HB901
in nonclinical tooth replantation model

Confirmed periodontal tissue regenerative function of HB901 in nonclinical tooth replantation model